Ok, so your company is just large enough that you start to feel the need for a person on-site to handle you IT needs. You then ask yourself, can I justify the cost and do I really have enough work to keep a skilled IT pro busy all week?

Well we can solve both of these issues for you! We offer a service called Contracted IT Services. We will staff a person at your office for any length of time you need and for less that a full-time employee would cost you.

Here are a few case studies to think about:

John owns a company that has 15 employees. Currently, the office manager has been handling most of the offices computer support.  John hires five new employees and needs to prepare five computers, five printers, five phones and also setup their software and email. The office manager is busy preparing a large bid for a project. What does John do?

John calls us ad we stop out and plan the process and john decides that having an IT person on hand for Monday and Tuesday, all day would work best. John also starts to notice how much this would help the office manager so she can focus on her true job. We set up a regular day of the week we are on-site to handle any issues that arise.

We did all this for a flat monthly rate. No cost of benefits, no hassle interviewing the wrong person.

Bill owns a company that employs 100 people. He has a full time IT person who is kept quite busy. Due to a virus outbreak, the IT person needs to re-image 20 computers and needs it done ASAP. Bill also notices the the IT person is so busy with day to day issues that her really could use an assistant on a bi-weekly basis. Bill calls us and we stop out to review what services we can help with. After the meeting, Bill hires us to handle the 20 computers. We are on-site 12 hours until the job is completed. We also set up a reoccurring day to call the IT person and see if he needs the help and if so, we stop out for that day to assist.

We did all this for a flat project rate for the 20 computers. We then set a flat daily rate for their as needed support.

There are any number reasons you may not want to hire a full time IT staff member. Maybe you just need a set of skill that are non present in your office.

Call or e-mail us today. We call help you with your IT needs. 

Remember your costs when deciding to hire:

1. Salary
2. Cost of benefits
3. Cost to train (both theirs and yours)
4. Cost of new computer
5. Advertising cost to find the right person

Take a look at this graphic: